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What is the difference between a Sleeve Gastrectomy and a Gastric Band?


  Gastric Banding Sleeve Gastrectomy Gastric Bypass
  Lap-Band Surgery Sleeve Gastrectomy Gastric Bypass

Surgical Procedure

  • Reversible
  • Laparoscopic procedure
  • A hollow band of special material is placed at the upper end of the stomach.
  • No stomach stapling, cutting or intestinal re-routing required


  • Not Reversible
  • Laparoscopic procedure
  • Involves removal of part of the stomach leaving behind a much smaller stomach tube
  • Requires stapling



  • Not Reversible
  • Laparoscopic procedure
  • A small stomach pouch is created to which a section of the small intestine is attached.
  • Requires stomach stapling


Use of implant

A medical device is implanted

No use of implant

No use of implant


  • Lowest rate of early complications
  • Operation usually takes less than an hour
  • Overnight hospital stay
  • Low risk of malnutrition
  • Minimal vitamin supplementation needed
  • Return to work in one to two weeks
  • The gastric band is adjustable so it can  be customized to individual needs of the patient
  • Adjustable for nutrition needs of pregnancy
  • Decreased stomach volume
  • Stomach functions normally allowing most foods to be eaten, just in smaller amounts
  • Feel full with less food
  • Stomach portion that produces hunger stimulating hormone  is removed
  • No adjustments required after surgery
  • Fewer long term problems


  • Weight loss continues for 18-24 months post surgery
  • Greater weight loss than Band and Sleeve


  • Regular follow up is critical for optimal results
  • Band adjustments are required
  • Long term problems such as Band Slip, Erosion, Infection, and Pouch Dilatation may occur
  • Newest weight loss procedure
  • 1% chance of leak from staple line
  • Longer term results (10-15yrs) uncertain
  • Dilation of the sleeve may occur affecting weight loss and leading to weight gain
  • Four night hospital stay


  • Serious risks are involved as it is  major surgery
  • Malnourishment and anaemia may occur requiring lifelong vitamin and mineral supplementation.
  • Dumping syndrome may occur. Nausea, reflux, diarrhoea can occur after ingesting high sugar foods
  • Hospital stay of 5 days 
  • Increased risk of hair loss


Expected weight loss

50-60% excess weight lost over 2 years

60-70% excess weight loss over 1 year

65 -80% excess weight loss over 18 months

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